Best Social Media Plugins for WordPress

On May 26, 2011, in Social Media, by Janice Burney

wordpress_pluginsThere’s a myriad of great WordPress plugins to choose from making it hard to stay on top of the best ones. We have tested countless apps and found that these plugins deserve mention. Hope this will save you time and effort on your blog.

Twitter Widgets

Display your twitter feed on your blog or website with this simple script.  You can even customize the widget under Profile Widget. It’s easy to customize, settings, preferences, appearance and dimensions. Once you copy the script, past it directly in a sidebar widget. There are four widgets to choose from:

Profile Widget

Display your most recent Twitter updates on any web page.

Search Widget

Displays search results in real time. This is ideal for live events, broadcasting, conferences, TV shows or great for just keeping up with the news.

Faves Widget

Shows your favorite tweets in a list. This widget, displayed in real time, will pull your starred favorite tweets. A great tool for moderation.

List Widget

Put your favorite tweeps into a handy list to showcase your tweep-sphere. This is also a great tool for moderation.

Social Media Widget

This plugin provides a visual display and link to your social media sites.  Input your data and display your social media icons in several shapes, sizes and animation. This widget will appear in your sidebar and can be configured in settings.

Social Media Icons


Providing your readers with the option to socially bookmark your posts is a vital ingredient to your social media and website optimization strategy. You’ll find all the major social bookmarking sites with this “sexy” bookmarking plugin. And don’t worry, if  you’re concerned about “Sharing is sexy” there are other customizable option to fit your needs.

Sexy Bookmarks

Recent updates include:

  • Facebook Like Button
  • Yahoo Mail
  • Google Gmail
  • Hotmail
  • Buzzster
  • Analytics- meet the people who spread your content
  • Share counters for Twitter and Facebook (beta)

Social Media Builds your SEO

Not only does Social Media provide the backdrop to engage with your community, it also builds the backbone for your search engine optimization. And don’t forget to have some fun along the way.

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